Envelopes is a DanceConcert that plays with the bonds between movement and sound within the theme of siblinghood. Tom Parkinson (musician) and I invite our siblings (my younger sister, Reut, and Tom’s identical twin brother, Alex) into an interdisciplinary show that celebrates the kinship ties of blood, music and dance.
Envelopes is an evening organised into three short pieces (envelopes), each proposing a different view on the interrelation between genetics, biography and performance. Tom and I revisit our ten year creative history whilst keeping it within the family, unfolding our story one envelope at a time.

Premiere: Springdance Festival Utrecht April 24th, 2010. Tour : April-May 2010, March-April 2011

“The circling duet between Keren and Tom on two tables with a camera between their feet was exciting. The projected images were fascinating because of the strange perspective” 
Annette Embrechts /De Volkskrant


By  Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson 
In collaboration with  Reut Levi and Alex Parkinson
Advice  Tammuz Binshtock
Light Design André Pronk
Technique  Hans Hof
Producer  Pol Wijnverg
Production Grand Theatre Groningen NL
Co-Production  Dansateliers NL, Dansmakers (DansWerkplaatsAmsterdam) NL & Pumpenhaus Theater Münster DE
Financial support   Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst


01/04/201101/04/11Korzo theaterDen Haag, NL
31/03/201131/03/11Grand TheatreGroningen, NL
30/03/201130/03/11FrascatiAmsterdam, NL
29/03/201129/03/11FrascatiAmsterdam, NL
28/03/201128/03/11FrascatiAmsterdam, NL
11/06/201011/06/10Theater Lantaren/VensterRotterdam, NL
10/06/201010/06/10Theater Lantaren/VensterRotterdam, NL
27/05/201027/05/10Theaters TilburgTilburg, NL
20/05/201020/05/10Theater Lantaren/VensterRotterdam, NL
15/05/201015/05/10Plaza FuturaEindhoven, NL
12/05/201012/05/10FrascatiAmsterdam, NL
11/05/201011/05/10FrascatiAmsterdam, NL
06/05/201006/05/10PumpenhausMünster, DE
25/04/201025/04/10Springdance FestivalUtrecht, NL
24/04/201024/04/10Springdance FestivalUtrecht, NL
22/04/201022/04/10Grand TheatreGroningen, NL
21/04/201021/04/10Grand TheatreGroningen, NL


28/02/201328/02/13Volkskrant, Annette Embrechts
26/04/201026/04/10De Volkskrant, Annette Embrechts
10/05/201010/05/10Het Parool , Bregtje Schudel