Territory is an interdisciplinary performance of dance, music and video that proposes a journey through the different conceptions of 'territory' – private, interpersonal, social, political, acoustic and ethological. Questions of identity are negotiated through the relationship of the performers to their performance space, the territory they inhabit. The territory of the performance is framed further by technology – surveillance cameras, monitors and sound equipment re-focus how the audience captures what ‘takes place’ onstage. Four infrared cameras are situated on different sides and levels of the stage. The cameras register constantly what is happening and their footage is shown on four monitors. The public is given the option to have a multiplied view of the performance - they have to negotiate between five angles of the same event, the live act onstage and what is shown on the monitors.


choreography Keren Levi

In collaboration with

live music Tom Parkinson

media Tamuz Binshtock

performance Jefta van Dinther, Matija Ferlin, Pedro Ines, Tom Parkinson

light Minna Tiikkainen

set Wover (Marieke Wouters and Florain Verheijen)

advice Ivana Müller

graphic design Miritte Ben Yitzchak | Cubicle-Design

produced by Danswerk Amsterdam in co-production with Grand Theatre Groningen

with the support of Monty Antwerp and PACT Zollverein Essen

funded by Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst

1st Tour | 2004

18 nov Grand Theatre Groningen

24 nov Melkweg Amsterdam

25 nov Melkweg Amsterdam

26 nov Melkweg Amsterdam

04 dec Korzo Den Haag

06 dec Lantaren Rotterdam

2nd Tour | 2005

Serie Nieuwe Theatermakers | Theatre Institute NL

02 nov Plaza Futura Eindhoven

03 nov Lux Nijmegen

08 nov Odeon Zwolle

11 nov Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort

15 nov Witte Theater IJmuiden

17 nov Chassé Breda

21 nov Bellevue Amsterdam

22 nov Harmonie Leeuwarden

23 nov Schouwburg Arnhem

25 nov Almeerse Theaters Almere

26 nov Kunstmin Dordrecht

30 nov LAK Leiden

* Winner of BNG New Theatre Director Award 2006 *

" This show calls upon the audience to absorb, associate and interpert. The director has embued this show , which addresses a very broad theme, with a number of surprising twistsby combining a range of theatrical elemtns: music, movement and dance, video images and play. An intelligent show that provokes and lingers on well after the footlights have dimmed. " (The Jury)