Statutaire naam Stichting NeverLike

RSIN fiscaal nummer 820855340

Adress Haarlemmermeerstraat 99-2, 1058 JT Amsterdam NL

Email jette@kerenlevi.comTel +31 (0)6 26 778 753

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Keren Levi is a choreographer who lives in Amsterdam. Her company's name is NeverLike, it  receives support from local, national, public and private foundations.

Levi’s work is idiosyncratically choreographic and multidisciplinary by nature. Her adventurous music-dance-video performances have a conceptual basis and are structured musically. Levi has a feminist focus and creates a heterogeneous image of women in all aspects of her work. In her process the question arises what dance is, and what role dance can play in a broader socio-political context. Among others, Levi changes dance into an area where social conventions and expectations become visible.  >>> click on the photo above for further reading<<<