HOT | a walk in the park

new creation 2025

HOT | a walk in the park

In HOT| a walk in the park, two women are engaged in a conversation while walking in a picturesque park. This dance-video performance is about heat. The women's exchange is about the connection of their bodies to the planet. It flows from aging and hot flashes, to the threat of extinction due to climate change. With a dryly comic and moving interplay of words, movements and gestures, the audience becomes part of a somewhat disruptive encounter.

HOT approaches women's reproductive choices from an unexpected perspective by including the impact of heat on non-human & human bodies. Slowly, the line between reality and imagination blurs. Different stages of proximity and friction are gone through, highlighting our relationship with ourselves and with others around us in an unpredictable way.

In this performance, choreographer Keren Levi stages the tension between text and movement. The dialogue gradually falls apart and the interaction between walking, talking and gesturing is deconstructed. 


Choreography:  Keren Levi

i.s.m met

Performance: Esther Mugambi & Hillary Blake Firestone

Video: Assi Weitz & Rob Gradisen

Muziek: Tom Parkinson

Dramaturgie: Igor Dobričić

Licht en techniek: nnb

Productie: Stichting NeverLike

Coproducenten: Spring Festival Utrecht, FFT Düsseldorf, Theater Im Pumpenhaus Münster

Funding: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst


26/06/202526/06/25LUXNijmegen, Netherlands
28/05/202528/05/25SPRING Festival | NL premierUtrecht, Netherlands
27/05/202527/05/25SPRING FestivalUtrecht, Netherlands
13/03/202513/03/25Theater a/d RijnArnhem, Netherlands
12/03/202512/03/25De Nieuwe VorstTilbrug, Netherlands
08/03/202508/03/25Theater Im PumepnhausMünster, Germany
07/03/202507/03/25Theater Im PumepnhausMünster, Germany
08/02/202508/02/25FFTDusseldurf, Germany
07/02/202507/02/25FFT | world premierDusseldurf, Germany